We have quickly become inundated with drone imagery and the majority of it feels repetitive and predictable. Drone images are simply images taken from a low-aerial view point. Airplanes, helicopters, balloons, kites and poles have been lifting cameras into the air for a long time and the perspective is nothing new. Frequently, the images coming straight out of my drone feel plain, uninspiring and even boring. This dissatisfaction is the same feeling I get with my own "straight" dslr-based captures. To get my images to a place where I am happy with them, the solution is the same for both: the captured digital file is "the score", as Ansel Adams referred to his negatives, and a score is nothing without the performance (edit/print).

My captured files are just a starting point. I'm not interested in producing honest and faithful representations of reality. Like all of my other photography, I simply make images I find interesting.

©2017 Andrew Caldwell
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