Architectural Photography

Born with a near perfectly vertical astigmatism, the only thing in sharp focus for the first twenty years of my life were buildings. So naturally, architectural photography was my first true love. Glasses ensure everything else is now sharp, but that unique experience of the built environment will impact my visual aesthetic for the rest of my life. 

I am a worshipper of light. I am captivated by the way it echoes off glass, softens on brushed metal, floods interiors at the right time of day, colors the sky, and creates spectacular treasures of coincidental intersections of shadow & form. 

Articulating space, how we flow through it, how a structure occupies it, how light caresses it, is the essence of what I communicate through my work. I direct as much attention to the technicality of capturing a space as I do to the expression of the emotional experience of being in it. 

My clients create dynamic experiences for the people who will spend untold hours of their lives in these spaces. My goal is to capture client intention in a way that motivates others to seek that same spirit of vision for their own spaces. My success equals client success. 

Commercial and residential, interiors and exteriors, my images are about creating desire in viewers to visit, work and/or live in spaces like these. I bring my whole self to every shoot, the artist, the technician and most importantly the collaborator. I look forward to making your project shine in its best light. 

©2022 Andrew Caldwell
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