ArtPrize 10 - 2018 - Top 25 in Time Based category

Held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, my home state, ArtPrize is a massive, international art competition that brings together over 1,000 works of art from all kinds of artists. I was excited to participate in ArtPrize with my entry Curb Appeal and even more excited to have been awarded a top 25 finish in the Time Based category. Using the original still images from the series as the source material, I reimagined the presentation of the work by animating the different elements across a one minute time frame within a motion graphics application. The four resulting "Cinemagraphs" introduce new narrative possibilities and expand the meaning and depth of the work. The choice to incorporate motion necessitated a digital monitor for display, this led to the design of the minimal, sculptural display for the work. The square format of the original works required the matting of the screen to match proportions. The design and construction of the stand fulfilled an ever-present need to bring my digital, pixel based works, into a concrete, tangible form. The original link to my ArtPrize entry is:

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