Class Photos

It never ceases to amaze me how different the dynamic can feel between classes.  The unique chemistry between the students and myself is something I truly appreciate and never want to forget.  To preserve a tiny slice of each experience, we take a group photo at the end of the semester.  Often joyful, sometimes gangster, it all depends on the vibe of the group.  Here are a few favorites.  

Form and Media in Photography

Fall 2016

This class was full of entertaining moments.  Including an amazing video about Parcour. Maybe I'll post it some day...

Wedding and Portrait Photography

Fall 2016

It was an amazing experience to co-teach this with my wonderful wife Anjula.  Her wisdom and wit were an inspiration for the students.  Even though I was the butt of many of her jokes, it wasn't that different from every other day. 

Photographic Imaging II

Fall 2016

I had a lot of these students previously for Photo I and I LOVE seeing their growth as both photographers and people.  

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